LOBSTR Merge Tool
Withdraw your Stellar Lumens (XLM) without 1 XLM limit
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How it works
All Stellar accounts must maintain a minimum balance of lumens, which is 1XLM right now. This could be inconvenient, as these funds are effectively locked in your wallet.

LOBSTR provides you an option to withdraw all your balance without any restrictions to any Stellar address of your choice. Our system will merge your stellar account and send your funds to any destination you'll set.
We support memo as well, which is often needed to deposit funds to exchanges.

We take a small fee - 0.1 XLM for withdrawal of 1XLM. The fee depends on your current account balance, but will not exceed 0.9XLM even for large withdrawals.
We won't have access to your withdrawal account, as we only require public key for that.
After the merge operation, your source account will not exist anymore on the network. Secret key of your source account will be sent to LOBSTR only after your final confirmation. Secret keys are not stored on our server after the merge is completed.
We don't share any information you'll provide with third parties.

Every merge operation has a unique identifier and can be monitored on our merge status page. You can create a ticket using HELP button on this page or feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions.